In Pursuit of Audio Excellence... Rebirth of Studio 92


Studio 92 is an audio production facility based in the city of Toronto and has been a venerable mainstay amongst the indie music scene since the mid 90's. Ensconced within the old Donlands movie theatre that drew such notables as John Candy when he was child dreaming of movie stardom, the facility has been at the same location for the past 24 years.

Founded and managed by Norm Barker, a two time Juno award winning engineer, the studio has been a bee hive of production activity since its inception. We are all saddened to see Norm Barker retire after 24 years of running Studio 92. He created an environment that felt like home to many creative minds, and his forever kind and patient demeanor made him a trusted friend to many.

Kinetic Sight and Sound Inc., a multimedia holding company, has recently purchased Studio 92 and will continue with the original name and brand. A long time associate and close friend of Mr Barker, Mark Nakamura (president - KSS Inc.) feels honoured to carry on the tradition that Norm has taken great pains to establish and maintain. We take this very seriously, and intent to provide the same courteous approach that you have all come to know so well. Part of that tradition was Norm's understanding of the indie artist, and the great lengths he took to create an economical yet highly professional environment.

There will be many positive changes at Studio 92, some of which will be immediately apparent with regard to the aesthetics. Others might not be so obvious, such as software upgrades, wiring and additional equipment.

If you have any concerns, questions, or would like to connect with the new ownership, please call, email or drop in. Our door is always open to you.

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